Thursday, May 06, 2010

Reading Rally Spring 2010

Our school held a year-end Reading Rally to celebrate the reading efforts of our students this year. We've done a sort of tally on the wall outside the library all year documenting student books and staff books in a friendly competition. We gathered to announce awards, accomplishments, and to present some books purchased with our NEA Books Across America grant.

Continuing with the theme of popcorn, we celebrated with a popcorn party--featuring the Book Club's favorite caramel popcorn as one of the choices.

In addition, we honored our 2010 Poet of the Year, and read his poem to the group. There were so many good ones this year it was a close race.

This is the kind of stuff that gets my heart beating a bit faster. I loved that kids used the post-its we put on the table to indicate books they wanted to be first to check out. I have a handful I know I am eager to read too. I love it when I get to try an idea I have and I love it even more when it turns out better than I imagined.

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