Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Books Across America

I'm super excited that our school library will be getting $1000 worth of fun new titles. I applied for an NEA Books Across America grant last November. Prodded into it by our faithful librarian... :) And I got the grant. Yippee. I love celebrating reading with students and this will make it even easier to put books into the hands of kids.

I have ideas. Ideas about teens and reading. Ideas about getting books into the hands of everyone--young and old. Ways to get books visible in the community.

On an errand run today I watched a little girl who used to hang around my apartment building swish by on a metal scooter and I thought about her and books. I wondered if she read much. Wondered if she had books of her own to read. Wondered about this summer when school was out. Wondered if she would hold a book in her hand even once between May and September. I wondered if there were books out there, near the park, on a shelf of some kind, in our neighborhood to borrow without a library card, without having to go to the library across town, if she would read them. If she would be interested. If it would give kids something to do. And then there are bus stops. And wouldn't books go nicely with bus stops? Yes, I have ideas. I love to read. I want to share that.

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