Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Live In the Age of Everything. Why Commit?

Just reading an article on branding and this bit really jumped out at me:

"There are 80 million Millennials aged 9-28 in the U.S. alone. Half are already in college or the workforce, and the women will be a tornado. They group around shared affinity more than shared nationality, they're prosumers, not consumers, and they care more about peer recommendation than corporate reputation. They grew up in a world where change is too fast to process, but they know one thing: If you wait a minute or two, something better is sure to be along. They live on an IV drip of real-time connection, and are fiercely interdependent. If you're a company, failing to consider their preferences would be, in their own vernacular, WOMBAT--a waste of money, brains, and time."

via Swiss Miss

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