Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gaga for Glee

Well, Glee continues to wow me week after week. I have enjoyed the remake of "V" and Flashforward and of course, Lost. (Though it may be too soon for me to talk about that--I'm still mourning its departure). Yet, nothing really compares to the musical fun of Glee. This recent Gaga episode was fantastic. I love the Rachel meets her mother twist on things and I think both Lea Michele and Idina Menzel are fantastic singers.

In this video, however, it's Kurt's character doing the lead vocals--Chris Colfer. Costume-wise I think Quinn's pink gown and crazy eyelashes were a fave and I think Santana's bit was probably the best part of the performance.

I'll admit I've never really listened to Lady Gaga and after this episode I was revved up to do so. She certainly lives up to her reputation. And I love the song "Bad Romance."

On a sidenote-- "Like a Virgin" was probably one of the most well done song/video sequences on the show. I wish I had a clip of that. I suspect this is one TV show that I will have to own when the full season is available for purchase. I already have three of the four CDs--yup, I'm a Gleek.

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