Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iron Man 2 Inspiration

My brother and I saw Iron Man 2 over Mothers Day Weekend and while he thought it was a bit slow, I really enjoyed it. I love Robert Downey Jr. these days and whether it's as Tony Stark or Sherlock Holmes he couldn't be sexier and more fun. I did leave the theatre with a different sort of inspiration, however. And that was a subtle pressure I felt to shed some of the extra pounds I've let accumulate in the past year. It was at this point a year ago I let things slide as summer school got particularly intense. I'm not gonna lie, Scarlet Johansson is smoking hot in this film, and I want to look like her.

Apparently she went through months of intense training to get that way and I'm guessing she was in pretty decent shape at the beginning of the process. I also know that the film poster we see is photoshopped too. I guess she lost too many curves getting fit and they wanted to emphasize curvy and lean. Oh well. I suspect I won't be losing my curves without some surgery so I'll just settle for some proper lean. I joined the gym again as of this weekend and I hope that by the end of summer school THIS year I'll be down at least 15 lbs. Wish me luck.

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