Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slipping Through My Fingers

As I write this, people are ringing in the new year in Australia and I woke this morning without even realizing it was soon to be New Year's Eve. I feel as though I've been in a fog since December 23rd. I wasn't ready for Christmas. I still don't feel ready and it's been a week since. It feels like the holidays snuck up on me and sucker punched me and have left me lying here recovering for days.

My goal of reading vast amounts of books over the vacation is quickly emerging as the stuff of fantasies. I am still slowly reading the same darn book I've been reading for the past month. I've managed two young adult/juvenile titles but that is no where close to the 12 books I hoped to whiz through.

I've had plenty of sleep and food and for some reason much of my time has been eaten up by others' plans for me. Go figure. Sure I did see a few matinees, and I have watched the Flashforward episodes I'd recorded on my DVR, but I feel like the failure to make plans has left me still lying in bed each day at 10:25 am and I'm horrified to realize it is suddenly the last day of the year, the last day of the decade*, and it's snuck up on me. I don't feel like celebrating. I mostly just want to get a few things done.

If you are the sort who likes to make resolutions--my list loving self usually does--here's some help getting started.

*Ebert just pointed out to me in his "best films of the decade post" that this decade actually has one more year. Oops. I knew that. I learned it when 1999 turned to 2000. Still for all his advice... he did make a list!


Nancy Devine said...

i've not gotten done this break what i intended. i think we need more time off, really, because it takes a few days to relax enough to really relax.
are you going to be and the meier event tonight?

Carm said...

Yes. I think what I really need as far as vacations go, is one day off for every four worked. THAT might actually yield some productivity. I haven't decided on the New Year's party yet.

Pattie said...

Happy New Year!!!


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