Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Book, The Music, The Movies, and Me.

I've been hearing about the Moomins in the blogosphere for awhile...
I had no idea they were Finn. How perfectly wonderful! So I picked up a couple books and am loving Comet in Moominland, thus far!

I upped my Netflix membership in light of the Golden Globes nominations and my negligence in keeping up with movies this year! I have Inglourious Basterds and Public Enemies to watch this weekend.

Contrary to my "tradition" of picking up a new Christmas CD each year I found great joy in listening to last year's which still felt rather "new" to me. My recent trip to the Twin Cities gave me ample opportunity to savor Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Sexton, and Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums.

With the most uncooperative weather I can recall at Christmas time, I was forced to miss out on a family Christmas Day gathering, but that also meant I got to enjoy a Christmas Day release-- Sherlock Holmes. And even that wouldn't have happened without my trusty friend Mike and his four-wheel drive! I loved this film and look forward to more like it. While neither actor really fit the bill for what I always pictured Holmes and Watson to be like, I was rather pleased with the result.

Blizzard Alvin, Christmas 2009

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