Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Let the Panic Decide

Yesterday, I read this blog post on Eden Kennedy's blog Fussy. (excerpt below) I get it. I appreciate her words. These words zipped through the blogosphere straight into my heart.

Don't give it what it wants
Occasionally my yoga teacher, Steve, does this thing in class where he asks us to stand slightly bent over, with our hands on our knees, and breathe. Breathe all the way in until we feel like we're going to burst, then all the way out until our lungs feel flat. We do this in-and-out thing a couple of times and then we breathe in our fullest breath and hold it. He tells us it's not a contest, to let out our breath when we need to, but when we feel that instinctive, almost panicky feeling that we can't hold it another second, hold it one more second. Then breathe. But don't let the panic decide.... Please read the rest of the article here. Epiphany to follow. Good stuff.

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E. Louise said...

Ooh you're getting junk comments now too. I had to switch on moderating my comments.


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