Saturday, January 09, 2010

Weather Girl

Weather Girl

On a scale of "It sucked" to "It was Amazing," I'd give this 2 stars -- "It was okay." Weather Girl featured favorite TV actors (I love Tricia O'Kelley, as Marly, on The New Adventures of Old Christine) and I had hopes, maybe not high hopes but hopes nonetheless that this film would prove to be a bit of lighthearted romantic comedy fun. It was fine but not anything I'd want to see again.

That said, the film is about Sylvia, a local weather girl on a Seattle morning show who freaks out on one of the anchors when she discovers him cheating on her with his co-anchor. While this makes for some great TV and instant celebrity in the Seattle area she discovers it also makes her a pariah in the broadcasting industry because no one wants someone with this level of emotional instability. To me, that makes sense. Left with nowhere to live, little money, shockingly few possessions, and no new prospects, Sylvia moves in with her younger brother and spends her days bemoaning her life in the manner of a spoiled, entitled brat. Of course, there are epiphanies and romance and all that and several other stars I love Jane Lynch and Jon Cryer, but in the end the film is just something worth maybe the time I spent watching it (a free library rental, at best) or not.

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