Monday, August 04, 2008

Watching, Listening .... in July

What I was Watching in July

Project Runway Season Five
The Empire Strikes Back
Weeds Season 4

TV is so sparse in the summer. I've been watching the new season of Weeds as the episodes appear on the Internet. I am pretty excited that Project Runway is back. And who can resist a little Darth Vader when you stumble across it. I love this pic. It's just a daddy reaching out to his son. :)
Friends Seasons 3 and 5

I've become addicted to watching Friends this summer. Season after season... as I write this I've already moved on to Season Six.

Pride and Prejudice (1996)
Run Lola Run
Definitely, Maybe
Lars and the Real Girl

It seems that the nice weather and the busyness of summer has me watching fewer and fewer movies. The only ones that were "new to me" were Definitely, Maybe and Lars and the Real Girl. I've already posted about my great love for Lars. Check it out. It's a must see.

I didn't expect to like Definitely, Maybe as much as I did. I didn't realize at first that it's made by the same folks who did Love, Actually.... though the title should have given it away. It turns out I rather enjoyed this film and would recommend it. It's a typical romantic comedy but I preferred this one to the 27 dresses and PS I Love You seen earlier this year.

Run Lola Run is a favorite foreign film that plays with "time" and the "what it." If you've seen Sliding Doors, it's a bit like that one. I love the actress and music and the pace of the film. It's worth a rent for sure.

I watched Pride and Prejudice with my pal Marci and she'd never seen it before. It was so fun to watch her discover the wonder of the film and story. I've seen it so many times, I think I have it memorized but I totally love it every time.

In Theatres
Baby Mama
Mamma Mia
The Dark Knight

I've already blogged a bit about Mamma Mia and The Dark Knight, both films I loved. Baby Mama was entertaining but it was probably good that I saw it at the dollar theatre. It wasn't worth too much more. I love Tina Fey, but this film wasn't as funny as she usually is. Hancock is a bad boy superhero film which was a bit predictable for me and had a somewhat stupid ending. I wouldn't really rush out to see it, but it might be worth a rent.

What I Was Listening to in July

Chutes Too Narrow by The Shins
I got this cd from the library and even before I'd exhausted my love for Wincing The Night Away, I had to move on to this one. I love all the songs. They rock. This is definitely my favorite band of 2008.

Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled by Melissa Etheridge
I've always liked Melissa and yet I've never owned any of her music. This is a great CD, because it's got all the best ones. I really like her version of Refugee by Tom Petty.

The Best of the New York Dolls by The New York Dolls
One Day it Will Please Us to Remember Even This by The New York Dolls
I got the idea to use The New York Dolls for trivia after I saw some used copies of their music at Budget Music. Still I wasn't going to spend money to buy them if I didn't like their sound. I listened. I liked. I bought. I am surprised I'd never listened to them much before. They are great fun.

a random sampling from my MP3 player here are my posted shuffles:

July 3 2008

Stay Awhile by The Bells
When You Are Gone by The Cranberries
Willie Taylor by Uncle Earl
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall by Leon Russell
You Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes

July 20, 2008

Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder
Refugee by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
I'll Be by Edwin McCain
Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox
When I Grow Up by Garbage

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