Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Full Stop Day.

Regardless of what my last post might suggest, I've not been filling every spare second with exercise and healthful living. After all, that workout only lasts about 30 minutes! I have been faithfully doing it though, which is great for me. What I've been doing this week is mainly school preparation in small doses. Bulletin boards. Organizing room furniture. Washing my coffee cups to start the year off right. Sending worksheets and so forth to the print shop. I have a large-ish stack of brand new teacher supplementary materials aimed at improving my teaching of grammar and writing and more than anything I want to dig into those (well, not EXACTLY more than anything... more than anything I want another month of summer vacation, but you know what I mean). Instead the last great big thing I must conquer in the next few days is a reading strategies guide for my new reading class and so I'm wading through reading texts in order to pull that together.

At home, I'm playing a lot of Facebook Scrabble. And devouring books whole. In the past seven days I've read five books and started two more. It's like the world ends next Monday and I'm just trying to get in a few more books before it does!

At any rate, I had hopes for today. Things to do. Places to go. I crammed all that into one solid hour and spent the rest of it parked on my couch reading books. It was indulgent and probably not the best use of my final days of summer, but it was just what the doctor ordered. I'll do the dishes tomorrow. Oh yeah, and probably go to school for a few hours too. Sigh.

Now, back to my book.


E. Louise said...

Hurray for reading :)

Lori said...

Happy back-to-school...

Carm said...

thanks for the back to school wishes... I've just been so crazy busy the past few weeks blogging has fallen by the wayside. Sigh. More posts soon, I promise.


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