Saturday, June 07, 2008

True Colors

My latest love is a cool consignment shop called True Colors. I can't praise it enough. I am a person who never finds things to wear either in my size or price range. For some reason other people's castoffs seem to work for me. And I just can't say no to shoes for $6.00 or shirts for $9.00. I think I spent $50.00 last time I was there and I bought three skirts, two pair of shoes and two tops. It's a thrifty shoppers dream.

This must be the year for black and white. Or was that last year? I can't seem to quit buying black and white clothing. At least most things match.

Here's an exception.

This is one of the three skirts I bought last time I was there. Guess what? All of them were black and white. That means I now own ten different black and white skirts. Seriously.

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