Thursday, June 12, 2008


Things I want but don't need.

the latest David Sedaris book

The Rabbit Corkscrew

a great poetry anthology

Two CDs I own digitally, but would like to have a REAL copy to treasure.


rachelzana said...

I have "Good Poems." It's one of my absolute favorites. I am a huge fan of Keillor's Writer's Almanac.

Carm said...

I've already read most of the book--library copy--but I loved it so much I want my own.

E. Louise said...

Are you sure that's a corkscrew?

E. Louise said...

did you get my email yesterday btw? I've sent one or two without reply. I need reassurance you still love me.

Carm said...

Emma, you are VERY naughty. Yes, that's a corkscrew AND I've seen it in action... opening WINE... and much like the rumored rabbit to which you are referring... this one also works like a charm. (I say rumored, because I've NOT seen the other rabbit in action, thank you very much)


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