Friday, June 27, 2008

Now Loving.... a day in review

I loved Get Smart as a child and I wasn't sure what to expect from yet another old TV show turned movie. Steve Carell is terrific as Maxwell Smart. I'd recommend this. And for those keeping track there were several times when I laughed out loud.

The Pogues are by no means a new band, even to me, but they are not a band I've spent much time listening to. This album was recommended by Tom and provided by Chris. Thanks for keeping me in the music, guys.

I have my pal Julie to thank for this latest read. As a fellow English teacher she knows how much I love The Great Gatsby and this modern novel goes wild with Gatsby allusions and weaves bits of that book into this one. It's not the BEST book I've ever read but I did enjoy it and appreciated the twists and turns the book offers.
And my latest favorite snack which seems rather hard to find. The Jonagold apple. Sure, as soon as I finally determine which my favorite apple is, it becomes impossible to track down. Forget the braeburn, pink lady, fugi, gala, honeycrisp. It is the jonagold which has captured my heart. Of course now that I've done the research I can see it's a September to April apple and I might need to find a replacement fruit until then.. maybe blueberries (supposedly they boost memory functions).

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