Friday, June 20, 2008

The First Day of Summer. For Real.

Today was my first day of summer vacation. And it was lovely. 75 degrees. Light breeze. The perfect pace. I woke at 7. Something to do with my internal clock and sunshine, I suppose. I sipped water, whitened my teeth, surfed the internet, read a chapter in my book, and then pulled on my running shoes and hit the streets. I actually ran/walked a happy 3 miles today with a small pit stop at Marci's to visit and to frolic with the new doggie.

Though I'm completely out of shape and running feels unnatural and possibly cruel to my body I felt so good to be doing it. Drunk on the green of my surroundings, I could see the river to my left as I made my way through downtown on the bike path. I love the solitude too--that I could huff and puff all I wanted with no fear or shame. That I could stop running and walk whenever I felt the need and quite literally smell the roses at a few points.

This is what summer means to me. It's the opposite of what my life feels like all school year. Rushing off to work without breakfast because I just don't have time, skipping workouts because they feel, well, like workouts and I just don't have time. Then coming home from work to do either errands or to spend time with loved ones, and all the healthy eating and exercise... well, I just don't have time. But today, I felt like I had nothing but time. Good stuff.

A perfect vacation, whether at home or off in some foreign land is really more about the pace of life and the freedom to do whatever rather than the binding ties of work and responsibility. I am an escapist and hedonist somewhere not so deep inside and well, summer really suits me. Enjoy your day, wherever you are!


Sara said...

I know exactly what you mean. My mind is not going 90 MPH. Instead, I am going at a smooth 25 MPH. There is no rush. No hurry. I love it.

Lori said...

Happy Summer to YOU, Carmyn...are you running now?

I'm trying to FORCE myself to walk or run at least 3 times a week..but I am SOOOO darn lazy. :-)

I hear you about summer...this warmth and sun is GOOD for me, too (and the kids!). It makes me wonder why I choose to live in this frozen tundra!

Carm said...

well, I've not been regularly running/walking since then, if that's what you are asking. I am getting outside a lot more though. I love it.


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