Friday, May 02, 2008

Wacky for Wilco.

Lately I've been a concert-going fool and I've just decided I need to do this more. I love live music--everything from Whiskey Vaccine, at a local bar in Grand Forks to 25,000 peopled crowds at Bon Jovi. Yet, last night's Wilco concert was perfect. In size, in venue, in opening act, in sound, in spirit. I loved it.

I'm not a die-hard Wilco fan. Truth be told, my concert tickets were free and I had a hard time finding someone who'd actually heard of Wilco. But after the concert experience, I can't believe that is the case--my guess is their absence from main stream local radio leaves them off most people's radar. I have a few songs from their album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and my favorite song is one on a compilation disc I got from Marci a few years back "I'm the Man Who Loves You" which has a sort of 60's, Monkees, Brit pop feel. Before the concert I had a chance to preview their latest CD Sky Blue Sky and I didn't have that much of an initial impression. Perhaps it's just hard to compete with my current love of The Shins album Wincing the Night Away.

After the concert I am all fired up to find the songs I heard live. I loved all of them. While I recognized a few from the new album ("Hate it Here," "Impossible Germany," "You Are My Face") and a few from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ("Pot Kettle Black," "Jesus Etc.") I felt the live performance breathed a kind of magic and wonder into every song, familiar and not-so-much. Perhaps I need a live CD?

Retribution Gospel Choir (the opening act)

My favorite song? "Hatchet" which is apprently a Low song, but I like RGC's version quite a lot.

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Sara said...

I dig Wilco and would have loved to have joined you. How fun!


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