Saturday, May 03, 2008

Eleven Years Old and Loving Every Minute of It

A few months ago a question from my friend Jennifer sent me searching through my childhood diary for answers. This diary, a birthday gift in 1984, is truly the greatest source of nostalgic pleasure. Every kid should write in one so they have something to laugh at 20 years later. Or in my case, 24 years later. Written in purple pen on the inside cover is the phrase, "I'm 11 years old and lovin' every minute of it." After reading the entire diary cover to cover, I tend to believe it.

My heart aches just a bit as I read about all the time I spent with my cat and my cabbage patch kids out there on the farm. There's a bittersweet humor in the words of this naive, childish, little girl who was once me. It's also incredibly funny the things I commented on and the attitudes I had about certain things. Most of all, I love the flood of memories that hit me when I read mention of places, people, and things I've not thought of in ages. I have no idea if this is something anyone else might enjoy, but for my own amusement I'm going to start posting an entry from the diary once a week. After all, Oscar Wilde once said, "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train."

Monday June 18, 1984

Dear Diary,
Today was fabulous. The greatest thing happened. I got to babysit. It was at our house. Karen brought Brian over and I babysat for about two hours in the afternoon. Everything was fine. I got $2.00. Tomorrow is the Cando Fair. I'm feeling kind of sick at heart. Because of the most wonderful show on television was just on. It was called "Somewhere in Time." I must see that show again. I must. It had the saddest ending. The main character was played by Christopher Reeve, "Superman."



This entry reveals not only how prices of babysitting have gone up, but also how even back then I was all about the movies. That's one of my favorite things in the diary.--reading my first reaction to films and music. For those curious, click here for more information on Somewhere in Time.


E. Louise said...

Season 2 of Heroes has Sark from Alias in it. mmm..

Carm said...

Oh my. Oh my. I LOVE Sark. Now, you've done it. I'm going straight to Netflix and watching the first episode right here on the computer. I can do that! I don't even have to wait for the discs. Watch out Heroes, here I come.


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