Monday, May 12, 2008

Eat This, Not That!

Recently I picked up a copy of David Zinczenko's book Eat This Not That! and I will admit I find it fascinating. It features eight chapters of full color, info packed pages--each chapter, with a different emphasis.

The first identifies 8 foods you should eat every day and 20 to avoid at all costs. Yes to yogurt and black beans (probably not together! blech!). No to a Burger King Triple Whopper with Cheese, Fries, and a King size Coke. (2200 calories)

Chapter two examines 60 different restaurants and identifies the best and worst meals to be found and why. Even though my community doesn't have many of the restaurants in the book, it's the WHY that I find particularly helpful. Here's one thing I learned--mayo is the devil.

Chapter three offers a menu decoder that provides strategies for eating right at any restaurant. Avoid taco salads, soy sauce, and iceberg lettuce.

Chapter four provides a holiday survival guide.

Chapter five takes you through different products you might buy at a supermarket. Avoid the Lean Cuisine butternut squash ravioli.

Chapter six provies a healthy beverage guide.

Chapter seven suggests the right foods for dealing with all kinds of situations: stress, when you are trying to have a baby, when you want a good workout, etc. Peppermint tea helps with stress. Spinach salad is good for the sad.

Chapter eight has suggestions for kids.

1 comment:

E. Louise said...

Chocolate also helps with stress - I read that a little dark chocolate every day is actually healthy.
And what's wrong with iceberg lettuce for goodness' sake?


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