Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Things Never Change.

I have a friend who likes to harrass me for my minimal reactions to films. Lately my most typical responses go something like this: "It was okay" or "It was good." The following are what passes for my movie reactions or "reviews" from the depths of THE diary. For some reason these just crack me up.


Monday June 18, 1984
... I feel sad at heart because of the most wonderful show on television was just on. It was called "Somewhere in Time." I must see that show again. I must. It had the saddest ending. The main character was played by Christopher Reeve "Superman."
Love, Carmyn

Thursday June 21, 1984
Heather K. called today. She got back yesterday. I told her the whole story of "Somewhere in Time." Then she told me something about a show called "Vacation." It sounded pretty dumb to me...

Sunday June 24, 1984
Today mom said that Footloose was playing at the Outdoor Theatre and she took me to it. I loved it. A lot of swearing in the movie. This was the first outdoor I've ever been to. It started at 20 minutes after 10 o'clock. It lasted until 12:30. "Footloose" is a great song. "Give the Boy a Hand" is too. Today I baked a chicken pot pie. It tipped over on the stove. I put the filling back in it and nobody even knows it spilled. It was delicious.
Love, Carmyn

Thursday July 12, 1984
.... I weeded 7 rows and I'm getting $3.50. And I'm saving. It rained real hard and it also hailed hail the sized of MARBLES. We went to Romancing the Stone. It was great.
Love, Carmyn

Sunday July 22, 1984
....Tuesday I am going to the fair. My dog got in a fight with a groundhog in our yard! And my mom gave me her old camera and some film. I watched part of Shogun. It's good.
Love, Carmyn

Saturday August 18, 1984
.... Tonight we went to the movie, Jason, Lori, me, Michelle, and Jenna and well, mom too! It was called "Gremlins" about a cute little mogwai (a little bear cub creature) his name was "gizmo" and you can't get him wet or he'll multiply and he hates bright lights and sunlight will kill him. And most important rule, don't feed him after midnight or they turn mean. It's really a stupid and scary show. I didn't like it at all.
Love, Carmyn

Saturday September 1, 1984
... When we got to the mall we went to B. Daltons and I bought a book. Then we went to the movie The Karate Kid. It was so good! I liked it better than any Star Wars movies....
Love, Carmyn

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rachelzana said...

The best part of all these entries is the remark about spilling the chickn pot pie on the stove and then serving it, which is something I would totally have done and still would do. I love that no one even noticed!


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