Monday, April 21, 2008

Raise Your Hands!

You've got to love the binoculars and beer being thrust in the air to the beat!

the freakishly large crowd... it was either 20,000 or 25,000 ....
Either way it was a LOT of people.

Well, one thing I learned at the Bon Jovi/Daughtry concert last Saturday at the Fargodome is that Jon Bon Jovi is in incredible shape. That man never stopped moving once. Seriously, I am expecting to see the Bon Jovi Concert Workout DVD released any time now. I went to see Bon Jovi, but enjoyed Daughtry too. I didn't think I really knew their music but I recognized some of the songs. Despite the fact that I have only somewhat perused the two latest Bon Jovi cds I knew nearly every song. I wouldn't call myself the biggest fan... as you can see he's not on my all time favorite bands list on my profile page, but I do like his music quite a bit. Favorites? "Living on a Prayer," "You Give Love a Bad Name," and my all time favorite Bon Jovi song... "It's My Life." That song was my mantra when I went to Spain all by myself a few years ago and hearing it again reminded me that you really do only get one life and it's time to start living it. I find I hold back, cautious and timid. It's time to really take some chances and go crazy. I'm not getting any younger and the opportunities aren't always going to be there for the taking.

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