Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Goals are Good.

I find that I do best when I have clearly expressed goals and plans to accomplish them. Highly visible reminders help too! I have decided I've been sloth-like too long and the excuses for why the exercise didn't happen in June don't apply any more. I've continued my efforts toward getting up bright and squirrelly every morning but I tend to be on the computer instead of the elliptical and so a plan for progress in August is underway.

Note the poster--

I have a whole system involving star sticky notes, different colored markers, heart sticky notes and I can't walk past this wall without noticing my daily progress.

This is a place for me to log my progress on cardio -- elliptical, 30 day shred, running, and biking.

It's also a place for me to record my daily weight and my caloric intake.

It's a bit much for a long term plan but to get me back on track, I think a month of micro-management might be in order.

Soon I'll join the gym again and that should help too.

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