Saturday, August 22, 2009


Bolt (2008)

I've been meaning to watch this film for ages and it did not disappoint. It was even more sweet now that I have my own little hamster who has a ball to run around in. It was the first movie we watched together! This film is a great tribute to pets and the love of a girl for her dog. It's also about self-fulfilling prophecies--if you believe you are great, sometimes you can be!

Bolt is a show-biz dog who has no idea that his acting career and superpowered abilities are anything less than reality. His entire life is on set or in a trailer nearby. Penny, his owner/co-star, is everything to him and when he believes she's gone missing Bolt risks it all to break free and search for her. What he doesn't realize is that she's just gone home for the day at the end of the shoot. Most of the film is Bolt's cross-country adventure in search of Penny and the green-eyed man who he believes is holding her captive. Along the way, Bolt picks up a street-smart, jaded cat named Mittens and a star-struck hamster named Rhino who believes in Bolt even more than Bolt does. It's a lovely film. Watch this one.

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