Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden --Day One--Planting.

I feel soooo much better now that the seeds and plants are in the ground. This weekend should have been one in which I got all prepared for my next summer school week, so I wouldn't feel quite so stressed out each morning, but I knew that it would be far easier to do the garden this weekend rather than in fits and starts all week when I had time.

Check out how lumpy, rock hard chunky the soil is. Even after the soil was tilled twice (by my mom and my uncle, aren't they darling?) it was still full of rock hard chunks of soil. "We" tilled it on Saturday evening.

And despite the rainfall Sunday morning, which threatened my plans for planting, I managed to get my whole garden planted in 4.5 hours. Of course, I had help. My pal, Sean, decided he was up for some adventures in gardening and so we planted seeds and sad, wilty-looking plants and 23 rows later, I have something resembling a garden! Now I just hope those little seeds figure out how it all works and manage to make their way to the light. I can't wait.


Nancy Devine said...

23 rows...omg. you'll be feeding the whole town.

Anonymous said...

so are you trying to feed an army?

Carm said...

well, something has to GROW before that happens. And no, I felt this was a sort of "small" garden. :)


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