Saturday, July 16, 2005


I've done yoga for two weeks now (twice a week for 90 minutes a session) and I'm enjoying it. Having never ventured into that realm before I was amazed to discover how difficult it is for those of us who are not bendy. To make matters worse I recently injured my right ankle thus rending most postures to be even more difficult due to excruciating pain.

My instructor Leslie is using me, Anna, and Marci as practice in striving toward attaining the full-on yoga instructor status she held years ago...we are the refresher course practice and I love the small group and the private setting (we meet at Marci's, pushing back the furniture and spreading out our mats on the hard wood floor).

Because I know so little about the different kinds of yoga I can't even relate much about that yet. I know it's doing something because I leave very sweaty and the next day am sore is strange places. I'll add to this when I understand more about the kind of yoga we are doing or if I achieve any great yoga feats.... Namaste!


marvin said...
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marvin said...

"I've done yoga for two weeks now (twice a week for 90 minutes a session) and I'm enjoying it." ---

Yes, I'll BET you ARE enjoying it! He was my very favorite character in the entire series of six films! And you actually KNOW him! That is so totally cool! Sure, he was "small," and "old" too, but I'll bet he knows how to use "The Force" like nobody's business! 90 minutes at a crack! Wow! It's a wonder you're not even way more "sweaty"... and "sore in strange places" than you are!

Carm said...

Yes, well he does have that lightsaber....


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