Thursday, July 21, 2005

To buy or not to buy?--there is no question!

In a recent trip to Best Buy I discovered what will certainly be an essential item in my laptop computer replacement process. I started off simply enough. I was pricing all the other things....docking station, wireless modem thingy, monitors, and then I saw the carrying cases for the laptops. I've always seen very practical nylon looking backpacks or over the shoulder strappy cases... but what I saw before me took my breath away. These were more of an accessory than I expected.... something for the girl who loves handbags. I do love the look of these two bags named for women with style.


The first problem is that I haven't even purchased a laptop, the second is that these lovely cases only fit 15" screens... I am not sure if that is standard, but perhaps I should buy the computer first. Finally, priced at well over $100, I am afraid I might need to go for the generic, nylon look. I'm all in favor of a good splurge now and then, but I also like to be able to pay my bills each month!


Katie from Minneapolis:) said...

I just invested in a laptop almost 3 months ago from best buy. Its a Toshiba. Its GREAT! Its got 599MHZ, 800 MB's, 1.60GHz processor, CD burner and a really cool surround sound. I am the last person anyone should ask about computers, so dont even ask what all that means. haha! All I know its awsome and i love it! Oh'and the fact that i only paid $300! I have a friend, here in Minneapolis that works at the corporate office of Best Buy or shall I say..use to. She just quit, which sucks! I got her discount for the computer, which is AWSOME! Any how good luck on the search:) Those bags are awsome by the way!!

Carm said...

Well, I'm glad for your good fortune. The one I was sort of looking at is $1700.00 and I checked it is a 15.4" so it would fit the Katharine bag but not the Jackie (too bad--red is my signature color).

marvin said...

I vote for the red leather one. It reminds me of that cool song done by Gonzales & Peaches on the Kity-Yo label.


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