Sunday, July 17, 2005

One in Seven

Well, today I emerged from my hobbit hole and stepped forth into air that felt like soup. 90 degrees and humid. I called everyone I knew hoping for a late lunch date and got nowhere with that so I settled for lunch (grocery store style) at Leevers Super Value.... simply the best croissants in town. I only need one, but I always buy two. (delish!) Then I paid a visit to my friend and colleague, Eileen, who is recovering from foot surgery. I expected to have a brief chat and head out before her next scheduled dose of high-powered drugs that apparently causes her to nod off mid-sentence. Instead, I joined her son in watching the movie the others had watched the day before: Dear Frankie.While I didn't recognize the title at first it, it wasn't long before I realized this was a film I had once been looking forward to. I liked it a lot. It produced just enough tears for three kleenexes... the others said, with as much disgust as disbelief... "You're crying?" I guess they found it to be rather slow and not really worth it--I disagree. While I wouldn't give it the highest rating, I thought it was worth a rent if you're in the mood for slow but tender. What made it seem slow, I think, was the quiet in many of the poignant scenes of the movie. Ultimately, young Frankie was a terrific and loveable character not unlike the gem of a character in Billy Elliot. While I wouldn't want to compare these films on other levels I did think that Frankie was a child I fell in love with as I watched the story unfold. Some might find the whole thing hokey, but I found that today it hit the spot and ended with a feeling of hope.

My evening was spent at the new Starbucks on Washington with Emma reading my book, examining digital camera reviews, and quizzing each other at Friends trivia. Today I sampled the new Starbucks drink: Tazo Green Tea Frappuccino. It's always a little nervewracking when the clerk offers you a sample and steps back with a slight grimace on his face. He waited and I sampled and approved enough to order the drink. I suppose that's the point, isn't it? I entered with an open mind unsure of what I wanted and I was introduced to something I really liked. AFTER, I had sampled their wares, he informed me that so far only one in seven has liked this drink. I guess that's me... one in seven.

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marvin said...

So, are you saying that "Billy Elliot" is a superior film to "Dear Frankie," or just that (aside from the charm of their respective child stars) they are significantly different movies, not really suited for comparison?


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