Friday, July 22, 2005

A Lazy Day on the River

So far this summer, most every day has felt like a weekend, but not in a good way since they've all been pretty boring. So, I have to say I was tickled pink to be invited to join eight friends on a tubing trip to Voyageur's View, Friday afternoon.

We are not the folks in the picture because I didn't want to risk dropping my camera in the water--a good thing since, two minutes in, I lost my swimsuit coverup! They could be us because I am sure that's exactly how we looked at that distance. In fact, this tubing trip was like other ones I've taken at other places except this place has its own special bus! Too funny.

This day was exactly how a summer day should be spent. Late start (noon), sunny day, relaxing trip down the river with friends, interesting conversation, and then a BBQ to top it off. Ahhh.... summer is here.


marvin said...

Was it a real BBQ with an outdoor grill cooking big slabs of baby back ribs smothered in BBQ sauce? Yum!

Carm said...

Nope, there were no ribs involved... just a combo of two grills--one charcoal and one gas (actually MY own personal grill that has taken up residence at Rick's) and then steaks and more steaks....I brought Cheddar Brats... We did eat outside--it was a relatively mosquito free day.


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