Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nice Sushi Ya

On Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg there is a restaurant called Sushi Ya and as we passed it I was struck with the pun in the title... I repeated it a few times and only got an indulgent smile from a travel buddy... so when I saw these magnets for sale yesterday I couldn't resist.

I might have to order some .... just for the giggle. Here's another from Anne Taintor. I love sushi puns. (Who knew there were so many?)


DrP said...

Carm, I still don't get it! E x

E said...

That's supposed to be Dr P!

Carm said...

"Nice to see ya".... come on ... put YOUR superpowers to work language-lady. I know. I know. I live in a weird world and apparently don't speak the same language as others.

marvin said...

I knew a "Dr. P" briefly. Come to think of it, the one I knew "didn't get" too many things either.


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