Monday, July 18, 2011

Swedish Storage Solutions

God bless IKEA. Where else can you get a breakfast like this for $2.67. Of course, the rest of my trip cost nearly $200.00. That's how they get you... Lure you in with tasty inexpensive breakfast items, seduce you with good deal after good deal until you're buying extra blue IKEA bags to haul your booty away.

I set out to buy a CD storage set up... something to house my 500 CDs and I found it, but I couldn't haul it home in the Civic. Also it cost about $120 and that seemed a bit much. Earl's solution was to upload the CDs and ditch the hard copies, but I'm old school. I like cover art. I like to be able to hold my music in my hand from time to time. I needed to buy two of the BESTA shelves and an additional 7 shelves for each of them in order to make this work. Instead I invested in drawer liners that hold about 100 CDs each.

When I got home I discovered my mom had an unused 5 drawer dresser that matched the wood of my TV stand and I was sold. Here you have it. Chockful of CDs all cozy and alphabetized in my new somewhat Swedish storage solution.

The black shelves are ALSO from my IKEA trip.

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