Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY -- HD Antenna

Supplies: Wire (this worked better than coat hangers), washers, screws, and a transformer/co-axial/deelybobber. Though I would recommend buying your deelybobber at Radio Shack rather than ACE. Mine seemed defective so I swapped it out.

No worries, I was heavily supervised. In fact, I could not make this at home... as I do not have a drill, square, wire cutter, pliers, sawhorses or large plank of wood or a metal grinder/sander thing to smooth out the points on the other side. Heck, I don't even have duct tape.

Here's my Jedi-master, Noel who guided me (read -- did all the work) through the entire process. Apparently this is a video that shows one how to make your own. There's also an instructable available here.

I tried it in my living room with my new TV and had some trouble getting it to work, so I opted for my less fussy TV in the bedroom and the old school girl worked. However, I did have to alter the design a little using a clothespin to lift the deelybobber up off the antenna some. That seemed to do the trick. Either way, I am now pulling in ABC and CW which are from a tower that is 90 miles away. Go antenna! This is unprecedented. No store-bought antenna has managed this feat!

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