Friday, December 17, 2010

Thai Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Demers and Philadelphia Sushi Rolls

Recently a new Thai restaurant opened in my area. For months, the rumors had been circulating, but I wasn't sure when or where it would appear. I've been eagerly awaiting its arrival and was even more excited to learn that it came with yummy sushi options too. Little Bangkok & Wasabi is on the corner across the street from Cabela's in East Grand Forks and my heart sank a little when I saw the location. It's the Bermuda triangle in the restaurant circuit. I think we've seen an Irish Pub, an Italian restaurant, and something else too all reside in that location for a brief time before poof it closes its doors for good or gives way to something new. Now, I may be wrong on this, but I think this new restaurant is a branch of the successful Fargo Thai places: Drunken Noodle, Thai Orchid, Wasabi.

Pad Thai

My first visit was two weeks ago and I had pad Thai and shared a rainbow sushi platter with my pal, Anna. This time I ordered the basil stir fry with chicken and I shared some sushi--one sushi roll from the regular (Philadelphia) and one from the deluxe (Demers Ave). Both times I had a small garden salad (mainly iceberg lettuce) but the ginger salad dressing? To die for. Tonight, we made the meal complete with some heavenly coconut ice cream. Yum!

Basil Stir Fry with Chicken

Coconut Ice Cream

Tonight was my second trip and I suspect I'll need to keep working my way through the menu. I hope this place sticks around long enough for me to do that!

P.S. Rumor has it we'll have an Iraqi place called Babylon down the street from The Toasted Frog. Yum! Things are looking up!

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Nancy Devine said...

no rumor on the iraqi restaurant. it's opening in the spot you mention probably next week.


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