Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's Something About Stevie.

It seems like the world is trying to encourage my music mania by offering up little gems at every turn. I've long loved Fleetwood Mac, in general and Stevie Nicks especially. I am sure others might not approve, but I heartily admire her signature style, and while to affect a "Stevie look" would be nothing short of poor imitation, it does inspire me to find that look of my own. I'm all about the music, the stage presence, the memories I've made with the music, but sometimes it's also just how ridiculously cool some musicians are. Today I stumbled upon this video on Hello Lindello. It's Stevie backstage singing Wild Heart. Though a longer You Tube video says it was getting ready for a Rolling Stones photo shoot... you can watch that longer vid. here.

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