Sunday, July 18, 2010


Nine (2009)

Ebert rates this film 2 stars and reminds us that this film " pays homage to a Broadway musical, and not Fellini at all." Having seen neither 8 1/2 nor the musical, for me it is what it is. And overall, it was a bit disjointed and blase. The ladies were lovely, especially Marion Cotillard. I loved the costumes. I enjoyed several of the musical numbers, despite Ebert's claim that the musical has no good songs. I liked the lighting and the colors and the sort of "style" that Stephanie (Kate Hudson) talks about... but the story, meh. I think Ebert explains pretty well, how it fell short.

Here are Ebert's parting comments in his review, I plan to follow his advice.

"Nine is just plain adrift in its own lack of necessity. It is filled wall to wall with stars (Marion Cotillard as the wife figure, Penelope Cruz as the mistress, Judi Dench as the worrying assistant, Nicole Kidman as the muse, the sublime Sophia Loren as the mother). But that's what they are, stars, because the movie doesn't make them characters. My closing advice is very sincere: In the life of anyone who loves movies, there must be time to see "8½." You can watch it instantly right now on Netflix or Amazon. What are you waiting for?"

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