Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's in YOUR bag?

I am like a pack-mule climbing up and down three flights of stairs each day... lugging bag after bag. Generally one is a purse --but it's the size of a "bag."

One bag is usually full of student folders and no less than four books (two I'm reading and two more "just in case" and generally at least one or two professional reference materials, as well.)

And yesterday, I even lugged some workout clothes for our "Wellness Wednesdays" since I've committed to offering up my classroom once a week for some working out at 3:30. Woo hoo!

The best bag, though, was my "tech bag." I quite unintentionally had in this bag the following items:
a school Macbook
a school ipod touch
a school canon elph camera,
my sony camera
a school Flip camera
my creative zen mp3 player
my Asus eee netbook
a portable pink mouse
my red mouse pad
a full size school mouse
and an assortments of power cords and earbuds

--oh and I nearly forgot a portable CD player for those cds I've not had time to add to my MP3 player (which also happen to be the ones I want to listen to).

Good lord, I was a mugger's wet dream. Wow. Needless to say, I'll be taking more care in the future to not be such a liability to our school! (mugger, is that a word? There's not a lot of purse grabbing theft in my neck of the woods...)

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