Sunday, April 05, 2009

Now Loving.... Easter Candy!

The latest Hershey's Kisses--coconut creme (in blue)-- are to die for. I suppose one must like coconut to enjoy them, but I do. Oh, how I do. A student shared a few with me on Friday and I've been searching for them since, mouth watering in anticipation. I didn't realize they were an "Easter thing." When it finally occurred to me to look in the holiday candy section, I found my holy grail. I bought three bags. Yum.

I got out my three section pickle dish so I could put out all three Easter candies for my first guests to my new pad. Following a Palm Sunday service Marci and Dave and the gang came over for Papa Murphy's Pizza and the girls got to see the end result for their hard work last weekend. John and Sophie dug out a couple board games and started to play The Game of Life, while Dave went home to rest since he was recovering from a flu bug. Lucy and Marci and I wandered the apartment and they offered some final thoughts on the placement and choice of window box containers for my next project... yep, an indoor herb garden. More on THAT later! It was such a last minute thing and so fun to sit and chat and relax in my apartment made new. Ahhhh...

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