Saturday, April 04, 2009

My Studio.

My new computer area.
Fabric covered bulletin board to my left.
John Cusack on my right.

My yarn stash.
Projects in progress are in baggies lining the bottom shelf.

The decision on these shelves was a tough one. I brought my pal Andrea in for some consultation last Wednesday on our way to have dinner with Greg Williamson. She encouraged me to go with the 8" shelves instead of the 10". So wise. Thanks, Andrea!
I moved my blonde bookshelves into my studio space rather than store them. They are perfect for shelving and storage. I have some writing reference books in here as well as all my knitting, sewing, crocheting books and patterns. The Orla Kiely basket from Target is one of my favorites in this image.
The shoe bag organizer is something I've used in the storage area for some time. It is a lifesaver when it comes to finding things like batteries, tape, glue sticks, post its and so much more. The closed closet doors open to reveal another workspace:

My sewing nook. I have stamping, scrapbook, extra fabric, cotton batting, and mending in progress on the shelf above. I have my wooden crates from my former office space serving as shelving for things like old journals, writing portfolios, colored paper, markers, paints, modeling clay, modge podge, and felt.

Here are some details of the more decorative bits of the room.
Yum. This was the frosting on the cake.


E. Louise said...

Good job Carmyn!

Carm said...

Thanks, Emma! Now I want some crafting friends to come over and play! When are you going to be back? :)

"If you build it, they will come."


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