Saturday, February 23, 2008


On Friday I watched the county spelling bee for the first time in ages. It was fun to see the kids... 5th grade through 8th grade... and to rememeber my own experience as a wee kid. I'm a much better speller in the written round than the oral. I know that. I guess that's true of most people. One sweet little fifth grade boy chatted with me while we waited for the written results. I asked him what he thought and he admitted, "It was hard." Bless his heart. I actually thought the words seemed very easy with only one that gave me trouble... "castanets." Of course I do have a masters degree and I've been around a lot longer. The oral round was much trickier with words that seem easy enough until you have to actually spell them right orally the first time around. I would have been knocked out with "malleable." Even though I knew it needed two "l's" I still managed to jot it down wrong in my haste. For you spelling junkies other words included:
and the winning word, if I am remembering correctly, was "trilithon"

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