Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not so Black and White.

Things are precarious here in the land of Democrats. It may not seem that way, but as the Ohio and Texas primaries creep ever closer it's becoming obvious this could be the end for Hillary Clinton's campaign after losing the last ten states primaries to Obama. I am not staunchly for either candidate... let the record show that I preferred Kucinich or Biden's politics and that ultimately Clinton and Obama shared a lower status on my wish list for a presidential candidate. There's no doubt that with either of them in the White House it would be a moment for the history books. But is that enough of a reason to elect either of them in the eyes of the American public?

For me, it seemed fairly obvious for me that the Republicans had a bigger mess on their hands having NO DECENT candidates and yet it seems that a leader has emerged in their camp with John McCain. I actually find him to be less than threatening, less than electable... old and fairly ridiculous (even my Republican father can't stand him). Still I worry. A country that would reelect Bush for a second term in office cannot be trusted and I am suddenly fearful that Americans might actually opt for a president who is promising a never ending war with Iraq (or at least another 50-100 years of presence there).

I think that right now it's all roses and sunshine in the Obama camp and I worry that once he has the nomination we might still lose the general election come November. I'm not certain that Hillary would have a better shot but something about this whole situation just doesn't feel right. I guess I always thought it would be Hillary in 2008 even though she wasn't necessarily #1 on my list. I believe she could do the job. Run the country. Actually bring about the changes that Obama loves to talk about. Is it wrong that I'm not all that moved by his speeches? Do I have a heart of stone? I wonder if the Republicans will run right over him if he gets the nomination. We may embrace his idealism and spin it so he's "a fresh face not entrenched in Washington politics" but I fear that when the GOP gets a hold of him and the true fight is on, that it will be far less polite and fair than the one we've already watched between Obama and Clinton. I fear the least of his faults will be that he's "inexperienced" and as a country we'll be screwed. For more on the Obama "Delusion" check out this Newsweek Article.

I'm a bit skeptical and bitter. Sure. But I'm not totally without faith. I pray to the God of all that is just and good that the Presidency will be decided by the time we know the democratic nomination and that November will just be making it official.

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