Friday, May 06, 2011


Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, 1977

I'm typically hard-pressed to admit a favorite song, a favorite album, a favorite band... sure I can name a current fave but of all-time? Forget it. During one car ride my friend Sarah heard me exclaim, "Oh, this song is my favorite" one too many times and she laughingly said something like "they're all your favorites," but even though that statement is true, I don't mind. I'm full of joy for a LOT of good songs.

Usually I am more of a single song gal, than a fan of the full album. But there are a few albums out there that are rock solid from start to finish. Rumours is one of those albums from me. And Fleetwood Mac makes my list favorite favorite artists, if you will.

I'm trying to relearn whatever shallow knowledge I once had on the guitar and I crave the skill to be able to play one of my very favorite songs from that album. "Never Going Back Again." Of course I can't learn something simple with three chords and a strum... Nope. I go for the gold.

I love that Glee did this album this week. I know that some folks are disgusted with Glee and with musicians who are letting them cover their music, but honestly, it's fantastic in my eyes. It brings to another generation a fresh look at some awesome classic music that people might not otherwise experience. It begs the viewer to seek out the original and then it really is like discovering treasure.

Here's a link to the episode for as long as it stays on their website.

Even better, here's Fleetwood Mac's official site.

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