Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evidence that I am Loved.

Last week, I was out sick with strep throat. I know I've had that before but I don't remember it being quite so awful. I lost 8 lbs (all gained back thanks to special ordered cupcakes), had a 102 degree fever for awhile, and generally moaned and wept in solitude because even my mother was unwilling to risk exposure to strep in the first 24 hours. Ugh. Eventually I did get a kindly visitor bearing some Gatorade and soup and of course, wouldn't you know then my mom decided it was safe to visit. Either way I wasn't totally neglected. While I am finally feeling a bit better, I was tickled to find this fantastic care package in the mail this week from my pal Emma.

Contents include some royal wedding news, packs of tissues, soups, chocolate, nail polish, a tabloid, a get well card, sunflower seeds, and some cough drops...

a puzzle to keep me occupied for about 5 minutes.

Noticeably absent was that gun I requested. It was pretty touch and go there for awhile last week.

Thanks, Em, for the terrific dose of kindness and indulgence. It was just what the doctor ordered and by doctor I mean, Dr. Emma P.!

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