Thursday, June 04, 2009

Up Made me Feel a Little Down.

That's not entirely true. It was lovely. A very sweet film. I went to a matinee of Up with my mom and sister on my birthday. It begins with a young shy Carl meeting a spunky Elle, both determined to live out their adventures. In short order we see them become fast friends united in their adoration of explorer Munsk and they promise to one day see Paradise Falls in South America. Then in a five minute montage we see them marry, try to have children, grow older, and finally Ellie dies. Yes, this rapid march toward death was not something I was eager to see on my BIRTHDAY! Yikes. The story is about dreams and promises about living your adventures and living without regret. It's about a lonely 78 year old balloon salesman, Carl, and a young boy, 8-year-old Russell, who is desperate to achieve his last badge in his Junior Wilderness Explorer training. It's about an unintentional teaming and their adventures in South America where they meet Kevin, a 13 foot rare bird, and Doug, a dog fitted with a collar which serves as a translator. I have to admit Doug was my favorite character.

The film seems to have some rather "grown up" themes for a Pixar film which I expect to be created for children. I'm not complaining, I just find it interesting. The story is exciting and lovely and touching. Bring tissues.

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