Friday, June 19, 2009

Lovin' the Library's Movie Selection

Well, mostly. I'm loving that I didn't have to pay MONEY for either of these flicks. This week I saw Nights in Rodanthe and Bride Wars. Hmmmm....

I should have known better than to even bother with a Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie. I disliked A Walk to Remember. The Notebook fared better as a movie than a book which I was more or less coerced into reading and then had to feign excitement over it since the recommender loved the book so much that she'd given her husband a copy with a letter pasted in to the cover of the book pledging her undying love for him or something along those lines. There is just something about his stories that leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth and apparently my hear turns to coal when I watch/read/contemplate his stories. Sorry, Mr. Sparks, I am NOT your target audience, but you are touching hearts and changing lives all over the place... just not mine.

To add to my misery, I'd rather forgotten how much I dislike Diane Lane as an actress. So, there were two strikes against this film for me. I suffered through it and though I was glad I'd not spent any money on the movie, I wish I could have that time back. Blech.Bride Wars had the potential to be a light-hearted renter, yet I'd give it a "C" at best. Unlike, my pal Marci, who watched this little number with me, I think I prefered Anne Hathaway's performance in Rachel Getting Married. Again, all the warning signs were there before I even brought the film home. The storyline was never suited to me. I'm not a dreamer of "weddings at the Plaza." In fact, excess in wedding ceremonies tends to make me a bit sick to my stomach. The idea of little girls dreaming and plotting and planning their weddings and engagements and all that freaks me out a little. The film in its glorification of this mentality does a disservice to women, by suggesting we are all just waiting for our chance to snap into action and create the perfect wedding. It all but ignores the stuff that comes after... the MARRIAGE. Of course, the film does get to that, thank goodness. Overall, the petty behavior of two best friends on such a colossal level seemed a bit too much for me. The idea that two women this bent on having the perfect wedding would be willing to try to plan it in three months seemed a bit unreal, but I guess the Plaza books up fast, eh? Oh well. If you can see this for free and all, it's not terrible. It's not great either.

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