Thursday, June 25, 2009

Art and Democracy Film Series

Wednesday night I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at the Empire Theatre. What a treat! It's a great film to watch on the TV at home, but even more fun to see on the big screen.

After the film there was a discussion -- Q & A time between Jack Weinstein, director of The Institute for Philosophy in Public Life and the host of the public radio show Why? Philosophical discussions about everyday life, and Mark Jendrysik, a political science professor from the local university. They touched on issues relating to the film and democracy, and maybe I was just tired, but I didn't have nearly the epiphany I had last December when I watched the film at the gym. Check out that post. Man, I love this film.


E. Louise said...

ooh, your poster disappeared.

Carm said...

It seems to be there now. How odd.

E. Louise said...

It said 'please don't hotlink' and a website address. Glad you got it back!


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