Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You Asked for It.

I keep waiting for school to settle down to routine and life to fall into a rhythm and somehow it still seems "off" to me. I am too tired for words. As noted by at least THREE friends who've personally complained about my lack of blogging.

I'm also a bit overwhelmed by recent political events. I've been really annoyed by the whole Sarah Palin uproar. At first I was raring to write about it, then I read Sara's remarks (Midwestern Position) and felt I really couldn't say too much more--I completely agreed. Then Heather at Dooce.com let loose and I felt a bit of satisfaction... it eased my urge to talk. Even if you aren't motivated to follow those links and read what they had to say on the issue, DO follow this one.. it's a little fact check article following up on remarks from the RNC.

My initial reactions to Palin were much like the ones I've cited but as another week passes and I'm reading about how there's been a rush on the type of eyewear that Palin sports, I throw up a little in my mouth. Or when I see her grinning face on the cover of Newsweek with a rifle over her shoulder I feel sick at how many people are already being manipulated into thinking this is all a good thing. When I hear her voice on the news talking about the goodness and strength of the man, John McCain... I think, she's talking about him like he's dead. It's the kind of false praise that people accept when someone has passed on, when it's better to be nice than honest.

Joe Biden is a VP I can get behind. Frankly, I prefered him for president. I don't think of her as anywhere NEAR his calibre of a candidat and she sure as hell isn't Hillary Clinton. I wonder what kinds of drama the next few weeks will bring. What the debates will be like. I had no idea that folks might actually be duped into thinking this Palin VP decision was a good one. I guess I saw it as evidence of McCain's senility... possibly an effort to "throw the election."

Some say that it could come down to the issue of abortion for some voters. Doesn't it always? I mean, that's just the kind of ignorance about the "big picture" that sends me over the edge. We have a country on the brink, thank you Mr. Bush ... praise GOD your work of evil is nearly done.... and folks biggest concern is whether or not a woman should have the right to choose what to do with her own body... It's a sickenly hypocritical situation. Let's win a battle for one woman by trying to vote her into the White House while losing one for women everywhere. No one is in favor of abortion, but it's a bigger issue than that. It's a slippery slope to give up a right to your own body.

And what good are our "moral" victories if we have a devastated country because of a neverending war, lack of health care for all, an economy in the toilet, a ravaged environment, and the rich getting richer... (ehem.. McCain) and the poor forgotten and ignored.

And you wonder why I'm too tired to blog. Really, it's not my lack of energy so much as my desire to be more "upbeat". It's hard to be cheerful today. Maybe if I just got some wireless "Palin" glasses I could see this situation differently. Somehow I doubt it.

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