Thursday, September 25, 2008


I think there's a pretty good reason why the McCain camp has been keeping Palin far, far away from unscripted media appearances. From interviews. From debate follow-ups. Good thing they've got maniacally grinning Giuliani on hand to take care of that. Ugh.

After all, Alaska needs her up there keeping an eye on Putin, you know, for when he rears his head. It's a matter of national security? Seriously? What? Here's a clip.

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If you haven't watched the full Katie Couric interview from this week, please do.

What impressed me most was Couric's professional approach that didn't just let things go. (should I expect less? I guess I feel some people have been giving Palin a break) She asked the hard questions and in some cases asked them more than once when her first question yielded nothing more than evasion. You can only mask so much with "folksy-ness" and in the end I thought Palin came off as uninformed, unqualified, and more than a little smug, ironically.


E. Louise said...

That video is INSANE! It TOTALLY reminds me of that beauty contest video of the girl from south carolina...ooh, that's a great idea for a blog post...

E. Louise said...

OK done. Check out my post.


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