Monday, May 27, 2013

Productivity Meter -- off the charts!

Here's my Saturday, and Sunday
Buy and move couch. Check.
Plant grass (prep soil--loosen, weed, fence off to keep Henry out).  Check.
Cut down tree branches touching my roof (find strong, willing man who owns saw). Check.
Clean gutters and install screens. (borrow tall ladder from neighbor and buy screen stuff) Check.
Line the east side of my house with rocks (measure ground,loosen soil, weed, transplant plants, buy a few more and plant, shop for edging, stakes, corners, fabric, install, all of the above and transfer rocks from the random pile under the trees on the north side of my lawn--discover they are hard to move without also moving a lot of dirt so wash rocks first in the wheelbarrow). Check.
Dig up raspberries and strawberries from my friend Leann's place. Transplant them at my house. Check.

Next up this week:
Plant all my flower pots (11 of them).
Plant my two raised beds -- one with lettuce... the other TBD.
Plant my tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and cucumbers in pots.
Remove the rest of the stones from the random pile on the north side of the yard.
Weed the perennial garden under tree
Spray the weeds on my patio and kill the baby trees all over in my backyard.
Mow my grass.
Tear out the compost corner area in my back yard. Plant Snow on the Mountain there.
Rearrange the basement to fit new couch (shop for a new TV and stand for basement)
Clean garage.

On the Weekend Project list: 

Install ten more paving stones to extend the paved area outside my back door (need to borrow a tamper).
Then finish the rest of the rock placement for the east side of my house.
Then line the south side of my house with edging and rocks.
Measure bricks for edging a corner flower bed (prep the soil there, decide on plants).

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