Sunday, March 06, 2011

Winter Woes.

I am so over this weather--this winter. I was starting to believe we'd seen the last of the winter yuck and then I hit the highway for my trek across the state. Good lord.

Despite the fact that it was clear and snowing only very minimally, I-94 was a freakin' mess. It started out pretty well for 20 miles or so and then suddenly the fun was done. Top speeds for the next few hours were around 50 mph and mostly I was driving around 40. I am never too worried on slippery roads, especially in the daylight with good visibility. What does worry me is other drivers. There had to be at least six different accident clusters along the way. Near Fargo the true crazy drivers kicked it into high gear and as I was driving 35 I swear people were whipping by me at 60. I am fond of the high speeds too, and am not unwilling to pass others when it's warranted, but I can ASSURE you that no one should have been driving faster than 40. I now understand the 100 car pile-up near Fargo a few months ago. So winter, I think we are ready for you to go.

On a positive note, two signs of spring were sighted by Facebook friends this weekend.
1. The north-end Dairy Queen is now open.
2. Daffodils

I think I'd like to celebrate with a peanut buster parfait and a sweet little bouquet of flowers -- maybe if I buy into the hope, the weather will follow.


Shell said...

I have read a few of your posts now and the other blog that you had been writing and found them to be quite witty. I love the taoist story of good luck and bad luck and the embroidered flower. Good stuff. Will be following from now on.

Carm said...

Thanks, Shell. You are sweet to say so. I have been feeling bad about how I've been neglecting my blog. Knowing you are reading is a motivator! You rock!


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