Wednesday, March 09, 2011

As Sweet as Candy.

Tonight I picked up a guitar stand. Apparently this is the gateway to actually playing my guitar! Instead of it hiding out in the other room tucked away in its case with clasps which clearly are just too much effort to open, I will be forced to acknowledge my guitar. Because it will be staring at me, begging to be played.

Of course, she's barely on the stand and already I'm mentally cheating on her. When I went to Scott's for my guitar supplies I saw these:

Yep. Multicolor ukuleles. Like candy. I literally had to flee the store to avoid buying one. I think I only managed to escape because I couldn't decide between the red one and the baby blue one. The sales clerk, not helping at all, suggested, "buy both." She was joking, I think. But those who know me well, know that it's a real possibility when faced with two great options. I'm a big fan of "buying both." :)

The brown one (second from the left) was $20 more and had a better sound, but really no ukulele has a "great sound" so I'm thinking cool color might be more my speed.

I have no idea how to play a ukulele, but something tells me that if I own one of these my coolness meter might go through the roof. Yep. I'm sorry guitar, you've got some competition.

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