Sunday, October 04, 2009

Roller Derby Rocks!

And so does Ellen Page. I just love that girl.

Whip it was a predictable film that pretty much stole its plot from a ton of other movies where the main character is a parent-pleasing child who discovers his/her love is NOT what mom and dad have in mind. The lead character hides the truth from the parents until the night of the big game, dance recital, roller derby and in the end it's a choice both the hero and the parents have to make. Think Billy Elliot. Think Dirty Dancing... Hairspray... Girls Just Want to Have Fun--wait, those are all dance movies... Hmmm... Well, I know there are countless others. However, with a cast like this it really does stand out--Kristen Wigg as Maggie Mahem, Drew Barrymore as Smashley Simpson, Juliette Lewis as Iron Maven and Ellen Page as Babe Ruthless. The roller derby scenes were gritty and playful and funny and painful and generally it made me want to go out, adopt an irreverent nickname and kick some ass...

Ebert gives it 3.5 stars. I agree. Click here to read his review.

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