Monday, October 27, 2008

Knit on it!

Recently my friend Diane gave me a gift of a "ruff ball" and pattern so I could crochet my own. Her playful yarn masterpiece almost seems too nice to hand off to a pooch to use as a chew toy! Still I'm excited to try to create my own. I keep putting off crocheting and I've virtually set all knitting aside as the school year and the looming election have sapped all creative energy for outside pursuits.

On Saturday I wandered around Boucle Yarn Studio in Fargo and it was so calming and lovely. Their store is full of yummy expensive yarns and inspiration at every turn. I left eager to try my hand at making a sweater. I haven't even THOUGHT about such things for this winter--I have so many unfinished projects and other ideas waiting in the wings. Yet, suddenly I believed I could do it. They were all out of patterns but I may check around in town to make sure no other store carries them before ordering one online so I can actually do it. Of course the next step would be to find a yarn. I really did like the yarn choice they used in the model they had on display at Boucle.
It's a top down knit v-neck cardigan with a seed stitch edging. The pattern is a Knitting Pure and Simple (pattern #241) brand. Each of the images I've seen of sweaters made with this pattern are different and I'm excited to see what I can create. Above is a picture of what it could look like. The one at Boucle had a really cool wooden button, which I'd like to replicate.

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